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Ellie the Rottiebear

Last week we had the opportunity to shoot with a real internet pet sensation, Edmonton's own Ellie the Rottiebear! We were so lucky to get this opportunity as Ellie the Rottiebear is a hot commodity, attracting thousands of eye-balls every day on her instagram which you can check out here: Ellie the Rottiebear's Instagram

Rottiebears look like little Rottweilers but are not. In fact, according the Mary, Ellie's owner, "There is some Carlin Pinscher and Pug in her but I'm not entirely sure of all the breeds [she] is mixed with...".

We decided to shoot her on a simple white seamless to accentuate her dark fur but also the little white patch on her chest, so we packed up our gear and headed to the Sandman on Ellerslie Road as we have a connection there that will let us use the banquet room for shoots. Plus it's a pet friendly hotel so it's a win-win.

We shot Ellie at first with two umbrellas set to the modelling light as flash photography and pets is generally seen as a no-no. Mary, Ellie's owner was really helpful in getting her comfortable (plus the treats didn't hurt either) and before we knew it we started capturing a lot of great stuff.

We were trying out the new Nikon D610 that we bought two weeks ago at McBain Camera with our favourite lens, the Nikkor 50mm 1.4. This camera rocks at higher ISO settings, not like the D7000 which we've found to be too grainy at even in the 1250 ISO range. 

We kept the shoot short and sweet as puppies don't like to sit still for too long but before we wrapped with Ellie we captured these beauties:

We loved the catch light in both Ellie's eyes in these shots and her little perma-frown. So cute - can't wait to shoot with her again one of these days!

Let us know what you think of our captures of Ellie the Rottiebear in the comments below!

Angie & Eric