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Ky and Chris Tse

 Ky and Chris Tse are seen here tearing up the trail in spite of the ice.

Ky and Chris Tse are seen here tearing up the trail in spite of the ice.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with Ky and her dad, Chris Tse. Chris is the co-owner of Blitz Conditioning, an Alberta based facility offering personal training and group fitness classes which came in handy for him... I'll get to that part.

Ky is an 8 year old Shepard/Burmese Mountain Dog who must be one of Edmonton's most exercised dogs given her dad's profession. But Chris told me that he wasn't always the owner of a personal training facility - he was once a researcher in the genetics of allergy and asthma at the University of Alberta. He started Blitz Conditioning five years ago after he decided that his passion for personal wellness moving away from research and towards fitness. Since then they've rather quickly become the highest rated fitness studio in Edmonton and they even opened a location down in Calgary!

We wanted to head down to where Ky usually goes for her run so we headed to Hawrelak Park which has a dog park portion that connects via a pedway bridge to Laurier Park which is a full on dog park. We didn't venture that way though, we took a left at the bridge and made our way along the river on probably the second iciest path I've been on this year (the first is the Terwillegar dog park). Chris and Ky were great sports as I had them run passed me on the path trying not to wipe out. Eventually we reached the point of no return which is where the combination of ice and the steep grade of the path made it impossible to get any traction so we turned around but right then I had to bail and smash my 14-24mm f/2.8 right on to a tree branch. I had to wipe bark off the lens but - a credit to Nikkor glass - not a single scratch.

I ended up bringing two bodies and two lenses to this shoot. I had this shot in my mind which I almost nailed though where it would have worked best, in the trees, was an ice rink. I had my D610 with a 55-200mm and my D7000 with the 14-24mm. I started with the D7000 until I smashed it on the ground then switched to the D610. There was no way I was going to try and carry two bodies at the same time given the terrain!

Oh! One technical tip I should reiterate to those shooting DSLRs - always reformat your memory cards instead of just using your camera to clear the card memory. When you execute the latter you don't actually ERASE the card like you think you are. You're just compressing all the information on the card. So over time you'll find that you'll be able to store less and less shots on the card until you reformat it. I had an 8gb card that would only hold 40 RAW files until I reformatted it - over 300 available after that!

Okay, here are some of my favourite shots from the afternoon, thank you to Ky and Chris Tse for spending time with me - and congratulations to you both for not bailing on the ice like this guy.