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Hanna and Terry Tran

 Our shoot with  Terry Tran and Hanna  started off a bit overcast...

Our shoot with Terry Tran and Hanna started off a bit overcast...

Yesterday we got to shoot with an old friend and his best friend Hanna the 3 year old Malti-Poo. Terry Tran is the GM of the Audio Department here in Edmonton, a full service recording studio and rental house. We've known Terry since the mid-90s and he's always been a really great friend. His best friend Hanna is the resident studio dog at the Audio Department and so she's developed a keen sense of rhythm (not sure what that means). We were ecstatic when he agreed to meet us at the Mill Woods Dog Park which is connected to Jackie Parker Park just south of the Whitemud and West of 50th Street.

When we first moved to Edmonton from Vancouver we took our then 7 year old Chocolate Lab, Matix, to this park and he ended up in the shallow creek after launching off a 6 ft cliff. Okay so it wasn't much of a cliff but nevertheless it took us 15 minutes to get to the other side of the creek with a shallow shore to pull him out and he only stank for like 3 days afterwards. So what I'm saying is, maybe steer clear of the edge of the park if you have a dog that loves the water. Anyway.

We shot Hanna for about 40 minutes in the park which is for the most part a large open field, great for socializing for the dogs; there were about 40 or so running around while we were there - all friendly. She was SO chilled out. We tried to get some action shots with her but she kept to her own pace, doing her own thing - which was being cute and ALMOST playing with a ball once. 

For this shoot we each took one camera (and hey, neither of us fell and smashed the lens on a tree branch), Angie took the D610 with a 50mm lens and captured what we considered the shot of the day at the top of the post. I took the D7000 and used a 55-200mm to get some longer shots. This combination worked really well as the 55-200mm is a DX lens and the 50mm is an FX lens - we didn't have any crop sensor issues. 

It started out really overcast but by the end of the shoot it was breaking sun and so we really lucked out with the timing. We were prepared to shoot in the clouds, because even photographers can't control the weather, though mark my words a weather machine will be invented by a photographer one day.

Thank you to Terry Tran and Hanna for meeting up with us and if you have a band who is looking to record in Edmonton, consider the Audio Department. The Purity Ring recorded their new album there!

Angie and Eric

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