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Linda, Mike, Olive, Loki and Thor

 Loki the cat stole the show with these wonderful cat eyes!

Loki the cat stole the show with these wonderful cat eyes!

Whatever happened to predicability? That's what we were wondering when we visited Linda Hoang and Mike Brown's FULL HOUSE of pets last week. Like, the door opened and a shower of pets greeted us at the door! We were like, someone call the Olsen Twins because we got a full house over here! 


Just so you know, Angie asked me yesterday to cut the dad jokes out of these blogs but that one was too good not to say so, sorry honey. Now that I think about it, she said "Cut it out" which is a Full House reference in itself...

Linda works at NAIT and is in charge of their social media so she basically lives on Twitter which is something I can related to. She also does a fair amount of food photography (excellent photography)/reviews/blogging and you can follow her on Twitter @linkdork! Mike also tweets and you can follow him too at @MikeThyKing !

To the shoot! We showed up expecting to shoot Linda and Mike's two cats but we still managed to get a few shots of Olive their cute Beagle too! Thor and Loki are the two cats, Thor is a girl and Loki is a boy just like in the real comics - okay well they both have really nice feathered hair but Thor and Loki the cats are no slouches! They also had very shiny coats and their eyes - omg they both had the most expressive eyes!

We decided to set up in their family/tv room which had a lot of space to spread out and put up some lighting. It was later in the day so we couldn't depend on the sun to help us out. I set up one Alien Bees strobe with a shoot-through and aimed it at the ceiling to give us a nice light that would fall on our subjects and not be as distracting for the cats. Turns out both cats were either totally used to having their pictures taken or they were just so chill that all the flashes going off didn't seem to affect them in the least. We started with Loki first then moved on Thor and then finished off with Olive. Angie did 90% of the photos from this shoot and might I say, she did a really pro job!

My favourite part of the shoot was capturing Loki's REALLY LONG WHISKERS which you can see in a photo below. And then we had a laugh when we discovered that Linda and Mike have trained their cats to sit just like Olive before the treats are dolled out! I have never seen that before, have you?

We had a great time over at Linda and Mike's place. Thank you for having us over it was a blast shooting your furbabies!

Angie and Eric