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Leila, Lauren and Shawn

We met up with Lauren and Shawn and their 1 year old White German Shepherd mix (maybe Lab, maybe Husky), Leila. We had some success shooting Hanna at the Mill Woods Dog Park so we decided to give it another go. Boy were we happy with the results. The best part about shooting in that Edmonton Dog Park is that it's a huge field surrounded on one side by trees and so if you want to get low and shoot up at the dogs then you can get them completely framed with sky. It was a little harder to accomplish with Hanna but Leila is a much bigger dog and so we used this technique a lot. 

Leila was really active with the other dogs at the park which is good for us because it gives us a little time to scope out a good spot and then when you do start shooting with her, she's all smiles (aka panting). We also lucked out with the sky being filled with nice fluffy clouds and blue skies. Shooting in Alberta under these huge skies is something you should try and take advantage of whenever you can. It's funny how after you leave Alberta and come back to it, it's the wide open skies that mesmerize you for a time before you're again used to it. 

We shot with Leila for about 30 minutes running around, chasing sticks and walking with Shawn and Lauren. Then we got out some treats and had her sit at Shawn and Lauren's feet and brought out our bounce board. Angie provided the perfect amount of light to shine off of Leila's white coat, complementing the high sun and gave us some really great results. 

We'll certainly be back to shoot at the Mill Woods Dog Park, the skies are big, lots of space to play and all the dogs there are well socialized. In fact, I took Hank there today for the first time and he had a blast running this way and that.

Angie and Eric

 Leila with the amazing sky background really made this shoot special.

Leila with the amazing sky background really made this shoot special.