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Gigi, Our Little Pitbull That Could

Pitbulls, the meanest, most deadly and unpredictable dogs around, right?  Yeah, I don't buy it either.  Yes, these breeds definitely need a lot of work, exercise and strong obedience training, but believe me, it's so worth it!

Gigi is roughly 2 years old, full of snuggles, snores, energy and affection.  We are lucky enough to call her ours and I'm pretty sure she feels the same way.  Having two other well trained dogs has definitely aided in her disposition and displaced the myths that these bully breeds have for our family and friends.  I recently read a staggering statistic on Barkbox.com that only 1 out of every 600 pitbulls is adopted from shelters and the other 599 are euthanized.  This devastating fact really strikes a chord with me, especially after this sweet girl warmed her way into my heart.  I truly believe that all dogs deserve a chance and that aggression stems from the owner 99% of the time.  It's just so unfortunate that pitbulls often end up in the wrong hands.

I often get asked what it's like to own a pitbull and my answer is always the same; it's like feeling so loved by an animal that you can actually see it.  Yes, our other dogs are are affectionate and give us unconditional love but not like Gigi.  She has these intense brown eyes that look right into your heart, she is so quick to wiggle right on to your lap, literally wrap her paws around you and give you a real hug, or lay on her back and snore away right beside you.  I've never experience a love like this from a dog and I have had over 10 in my life.  I wish that everyone could see this and stop judging.  I have had people cross the street when they see us walking, I have had dirty looks, been given head shakes and people not allowing their dogs to interact with her.  I totally get it, some dogs, pitbulls included, are aggressive and shouldn't be off leash at the park.  Gigi is not one of these dogs!  She loves to play, is extremely gentle and is often the one to shy away.  I try to encourage people to pet her on our walks and I try to break these stereotypes one person at a time. This dog is so sweet that I can honestly see her as a therapy dog, maybe one day she will be!

Having Gigi has made me want to be an advocate for pitbulls, she has made me want to get involved in rescue organizations and volunteer my services, she has made me really want to change these stereotypes any way I can.  Living in Edmonton is very fortunate for us because pitbulls are not banned here, but that is not the case in many Canadian cities.  Hopefully my attempts in getting people to meet Gigi and spend some time with her to see what pitbulls can be can change someones mind.  If I can do this everyday than 365 people will no longer think of pitbulls as terrifying animals and maybe, just maybe more and more of these amazing dogs will get adopted.  I know that I am not capable of making a change over night, but she makes me want to try.  I hope that one day pitbulls will finally get a break and be seen as the sweet, goofy dogs that they are.  If you're in Edmonton and want to see for yourself come and meet Gigi!  I promise you she will melt your heart.

Eric NewbyComment