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Great Holiday Gift Ideas: Prints!

When we started taking pet photography more seriously, when it became more than just a hobby. Angie and I decided to ensure that our clients were getting quality photos in a digital format, but also physical copies as well, in the form of canvas prints. There is no better feeling as an artist to see your work displayed. So with our single pet package, we always include a canvas print in the price. We want to see our work up in our clients' homes or offices, or wherever! 

 A canvas print ready for delivery!

A canvas print ready for delivery!

This is a call to all our clients who received prints! Where did you end up displaying them? We want to see pictures - so get out your camera phones and send/share your pictures. We'd love to have a gallery on here dedicated to our client's thoughtful placement of their canvases!

If you're received a canvas, please send us a shot to info@edmontonpetphotography.com or tag us in a photo on FB or IG! And of course you can always order prints with us anytime, or purchase prints a la carte with any of our session packages.

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